I support this campaign as I have not had an increase in wages for the past four years. I have to use my car for work and have to pay an extra sum on my insurance policy for this, this is not reimbursed by work. I get mileage to cover the miles I drive, however this does not cover the upkeep of the car, tyres, oil general wear and tear, I also have to pay road tax €500 per year. I have been advised that my insurance is increasing by 50% this year, and this will also mean an increase in the lump sum I pay for work. People who use public transport for work get subsidised travel, unfair on those who have to use their car for work.

The cost of seeing a doctor or accessing medical services has also increased greatly and means I cannot afford to be sick. I can’t afford private health insurance and put off seeking medical attention. Dental costs have also increased and add an extra burden on already stretched finances.