After years of pay reductions across all sectors in the aftermath of the economic collapse, pay restoration has now commenced in the public sector and large parts of the private sector as our economy recovers. 

However, workers in the community and voluntary sector, most of whom have suffered multiple pay cuts and are still on an increment freeze since 2007/08, face being ‘left behind’ unless gradual restoration of funding cuts to these organisations who rely on State funding commences.

CVReportLaunchIn recent years, successive Irish Governments have increasingly relied on community/voluntary sector organisations to deliver services and outcomes that matter to some of the most vulnerable individuals and communities in Irish society, including those who are homeless, those in elder care, people with disabilities, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and those dealing with drug and addiction issues.

However, the continued capacity of this sector to play a strong and progressive role in service delivery has been severely tested over the past eight years of recession. Sustained cutbacks in organisational funding have been accompanied by increased demand for assistance, from individuals and communities that find themselves under pressure as a result of the well documented social and economic crisis. Within these organisations employees areincreasingly expected to do more, with less and for less. Frequently, personal motivation, commitment and energy make the difference between continued provision or the reduction or discontinuation of services.

In order to ensure the vital services provided by community & voluntary agencies in receipt of Section 39 funding can be maintained without affecting on the quality of service provision, and in order to ensure that staff can be attracted and retained to deliver these services, funding of these services must be restored and pay restoration for staff must commence. 

Please support community and voluntary sector workers and our campaign for pay restoration.